Our Mission Statement:

To provide a program where each of those serving, and those who are being served, are respected and valued as equally important assets of our nonprofit community.  Our goal is to provide social services in the community with dignity, to persons 62+ and/ or disabled of low income.

To afford every opportunity through empathy, grace, education and awareness of the available resources and services offered in our community. To encourage, social activities, healthy nutrition and stimulation while offering our facility and our nonprofit as a luminous to all nonprofits and volunteers in our community.

J.W. Jeffries



Being well funded and having many opportunities as a nonprofit for grant acquisitions and fund rising along with a 20 year funding commitment from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development with our partner Reiner Communities will assure the longevity of our non profit programs, property and residents.



Continued investments by the nonprofit will help ensure the long term economic viability of Pilgrim Terrace Homes for many years to come.



With superior management by leaders in the affordable housing industry, the renovations and empathy of Reiner Communities and the social services provided with our nonprofit there are very few, if any, properties that can match our affordability at 30% of the Median Income requirements.



Because of the unique relationships and the ability to earmark funds for social services to every resident and allowing each resident to participate through volunteer work or by serving on the Board of Directors, Pilgrim Terrace Homes has a sense of community that many affordable housing or retirement properties do not enjoy.