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Donate to Pilgrim Terrace Co-Op Homes and Its Visionary Programs

Our goal is to provide social services in the community with dignity, to persons 62+ and/or disabled and of low income.

One Nutritional Meal Per Day: A Commitment We Cherish

Donate to Pilgrim Terrace Programs for Santa Barbara Seniors

100% of your donation will be reinvested into our projects to feed low income seniors and the disabled. One nutritional meal per day, guaranteed and free, can restore health, vitality, and hopefulness to a senior or a disabled person.

  • With the slowing down of the metabolism with age ONE NUTRITIONAL MEAL per day may actually be life sustaining and life saving in some cases.
  • Seniors who feel depressed or lonely often lose interest in eating: 86% of low income seniors are Nutritionally Insecure. Our goal is to provide at least ONE NUTRITIONAL MEAL a day to as many as we can to help correct the depression prevalent in this at risk population.
  • ONE NUTRITIONAL MEAL a day can save thousands of tax dollars spent on health care for seniors. Our produce is higher in nutritional values because it is LIVE PRODUCE
  • Almost 90% of Americans over the age of 65 have one or more degenerative disorders. ONE NUTRITIONAL MEAL per day can significantly reduce the risks of developing these diseases.

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