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This program is directed to Restaurants and fine produce outlets

Sponsor a Tower GardenThe Pilgrim Terrace Tower Gardens and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project was developed with the following objectives in mind:

  1. Grow self-reliance for our residents and local non-profits
  2. Develop sustainable income sources
  3. Provide nutritional, fresh produce for our residents and others
  4. Donate surplus fresh produce to food distribution organizations

Typical housing subsidies do little to nothing to promote the Nutritional health of Low Income Seniors and Disabled persons. After all, they are only in the business of affordable housing. At Pilgrim Terrace, we provide a FREE healthy meal to our residents every day of the year.

Through our CSA program we partner with restaurants in Santa Barbara, offering them Membership Privileges, which opens an avenue to help the local community through their tax deductible membership fees. In return, we supply the restaurants and their customers with superior LIVING PRODUCE.

Join Our Current Members: Membership and Benefits

What does a membership mean to you??? You purchase a membership based on your current produce expenditures. You will receive live produce delivered to you. You are donating to our current non profit program which makes your donation a tax deductible expense. 

As a member you receive the good will of the community and the highest quality produce available in today’s marketplace. Participants will also share in the marketing PSA info and Website information on the Pilgrim Terrace Cooperative Homes web site and will include the mention of your business name and the .com link to your business as a contributor.

For more information or to subscribe, please contact us!

Mentoring Nonprofits in Establishing a CSA

Our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program is currently experiencing great success and is growing. We want to help other non profits to implement a similar program in order to duplicate our successes.

Currently we are trading produce with the Santa Barbara Food Bank, Veggies Rescue, Food from the Heart and others. We want to work with other nonprofits to help them meet the nutritional needs of those they serve.

Interested? Want to find out more? Call (805) 845-2096